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about carolyn

writing about the outdoors is what carolyn came here to do.

The first journal entry Carolyn ever wrote dates back to 1997, and she hasn't put down the pen since. In a fire, she would save the 50+ notebooks that document the last twenty years of her life.  She received her BA in creative non-fiction writing from Northwestern University in 2012.

The outdoors are a major focus in Carolyn's life, and have become a focus in her writing as well. Any weeknight or weekend can find Carolyn ski touring, trail running, mountain biking, climbing, backpacking, camping, or jumping into alpine lakes somewhere in the West. In her writing, she uses these experiences in the outdoors to explore greater truths about life and the human experience. 

Maine-bred and Tahoe-based, Carolyn is currently a 4th grade teacher, outdoor educator, and freelance writer. She enjoys the smell of campfire on puffy coats, would-you-rather questions, spontaneous dance parties, doing anything in costume, driving fifteen-passenger vans, and believes true happiness lies at the intersection of serious and silly. 

You can find Carolyn on Instagram here.